Frequently Asked Questions - Hats and fashion accessories
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to buy a creation ?

    This website is a portfolio: it shows what I make.

    To purchase a creation you have to go to my on-line shop on Etsy.

    To reach it just click on « Shop » in the top Menu. You’ll be redirected to the on-line shop.


  • How to contact the designer?

    Contact me via the Contact form in the top menu.


  • How much does a creation cost?

    This website is a picture gallery: you will find the price of each creation on my Etsy shop.


  • What is the time of delivery?

    -The delivery is performed when the total amount for the order is payed.

    →Ready-to-ship: I ship the parcel within 3 business days.

    →Bespoke order: dispatch time varies and depends on the project.

    -Receipt of the parcel:

    →Belgium: 1 to 3 business days after shipment.

    →Europe: 2 to 5 business days after shipment.

    →Rest of the world: MINIMUM 4 business days after shipment, depending on the country and the size of city (for instance, there can be a delay of several days between a delivery in a capital and a delivery in a less-accessible region).

    -The seller is not responsible in case of EXCEPTIONNAL DELAYS (bank holidays, custom delays, strikes, bad weather…) or if the carrier loses the parcels.

    -The buyer is responsible for the shipping ADDRESS provided. If the parcel is returned because we were given a wrong address, we will charge you for re-sending it.


  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipment is calculated based on your shipping address and the size and weight of your parcel.

    You can find the exact amount in each product description in my Etsy shop.


  • Which payment methods are available?

    You can pay with bank cards, PayPal and Etsy Gift Cards on my Etsy shop.

    The delivery is performed when the total amount for the order is paid.

    All the prices on the website are in €uros VAT included, shipping excluded.


  • Can I return or exchange the goods?

    -Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can’t accept returns for:

    →Bespoke or personalized orders;

    →Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons).

    -Shipping for a return (and to send the parcel again for an exchange or a repair) are my responsibility if you receive a damaged parcel or item. If not, the shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

    -If you receive a damaged package, take photos BEFORE opening it. It’s very important since you will be able to prove you didn’t damage the object inside it. Without that, no refund or exchange shall be made.

    -If you need to return a creation, please contact me within 14 days after you received the parcel.


  • Can I rent a hat?

    Yes of course! I am developing this new project!

    Meanwhile, feel free to contact me via the Contact form and I’ll be glad to help you!


  • How to store a creation?

    -Never grab hats and accessories by the decorations: it could distort it! It’s better to hold the base of it.

    -Hats, Alice bands and other voluminous accessories should be stored in a box away from heat (heater, stove…) and humidity. Put tissue paper inside the box so the shape of the item will not flatten with time. Do not use printed paper to avoid coloring.

    -Don’t press creations.

    -Jewellery and brooches must be stored away from humidity and heat.


  • How to maintain a creation ?

    -Garments and some lingerie accessories can be washed: see « How to wash a creation ? » below.

    -You cannot wash a hat: hats hate water.

    To maintain a felt hat, just use a soft brush with gentle counterclockwise rotations. To remove stains on straw and fabric, use a slightly damp cloth.

    If your hat got caught in the rain, put tissue paper inside (no prints to avoid any coloring) and let it air dry away from any source of heat (heater, stove…). When dry, brush it as specified above.

    -Don’t pull on feathers and decorations to avoid any deformation.

    -More generally, avoid any source of heat (it could distort or shrink the hat) and any contact with water and humidity.

    -Rhinestones and beads can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

    You can dust brooches, jewellery, hair accessories and hats with a dry and clean cloth.


  • How to wash a creation ?

    -Only garments and lingerie pieces can be washed. For other accessories, see « How to maintain a creation ?» above.

    -Unless otherwise noted, all garments are machine washable at 30°C. Avoid soaking for too long and rubbing too vigorously. Use a detergent suitable for the fabric.

    -Garters must be hand washed with a detergent for delicate fabric.

    -More generally, always wash your creation the most delicate way with the mildest detergent.


  • Your question is not yet in this FAQs?

    Feel free to tell me via the Contact form!